What routines do you have in place to support yourself in your endeavours to better face into your challenges?

Throughout history, human energy and achievement has repeatedly arisen in the face of the unexpected and unknown, to create insight, strength and growth. And yet we all know it can come at a cost; the loss of security that the familiar offers us; the loss of that sense of ease that knowing what we are doing and feeling in control brings; the loss of our innocence when we see the world with new eyes. No wonder we often prefer to stay wilfully blind to change and the challenges around us and safe in our mediocracy.

Experience teaches us that the singular most important investment we can make to step up our performance is to schedule time and space to step back from the day to day busy-ness to reflect on our experience and learn, and to do this regularly on-the-job, embedding it into habitual ways of working. This is, of course, tough to do in the modern world and is unlikely to happen enough, unless deliberately scheduled.

In 2013, I walked 250k along the Camino de Santiago in Galicia, Northern Spain. The metaphor for life that this renowned reflective Journey provided was clear, but what grew even clearer to me as I walked, was the metaphor inspired by the Tavernas. Imagine reaching a Taverna as your legs tire, you body hungers and your spirit wanes. You rest, refuel, talk about your experiences and then as your energy returns you reset your compass and prepare for the next phase of the journey ahead.

Do you have Taverna stops embedded into your working life?

This is what Courage2Lead offers to leaders; a structured "Taverna" space to step back from the path of your Leadership Journey, to notice what's changing, to reflect on what's needed next, to find strength & voice in the interconnected world, and develop conscious strategies for courageous leadership. We support you in building this capability into your journey going forward beyond our support.  We do this one2one via executive coaching or with Leadership teams via a series of workshops, where as fellow travellers on a shared journey, you can connect and learn together. Please get in touch if you want to learn more.