We were recently asked to support a newly formed global commercial team for their kick off meeting. The team was being set up following a significant investment; an investment that would require new ways of thinking & working to deliver the promised results.

The senior leader was keen to test out to achieve a mindset shift in the new team. We were able to combine his ideas with our knowledge of "Limiting Beliefs" from NLP and our reading of Nancy Kline's "More Time to Think" to create a Thinking Reversal Process.

This pragmatic & simple process increased the energy & enthusiasm in the team and was as humbling as the process was powerful. I share it here:

1. First of all, list all the difficulties you can think of that are associated with the challenge you face. Write these as full statements. (e.g. "It will be difficult to achieve a competitive price" rather than just "pricing").

2. For each statement, look for the assumption you have made and reverse it. (e.g. Assumption: "Our cost base will be higher than our competitors" and the reverse would be " Our cost base will be lower than our competitors")

3. Then, ask yourself "If you knew this could be achieved, what would be the first steps you would take? (Brainstorm on the reverse thinking)

Can reverse thinking help your team to improve engagement & impact?