Courage 2 Lead

Image - Testimonials

“Hazel was an exceptional partner in the redesign and orchestration of a leadership development program for 20 of our top current and future General Managers. She brought credibility to the program with her years of global Pharma experience as well as leadership development and executive coaching expertise. Hazel sought to deeply understand our company, the program objectives, and our key talent participants – then worked as an equal collaborator to shape the program and customize the delivery (in real-time) into a challenging and valuable experience for our participants. As someone new to the executive education space, I also very much appreciated Hazel’s insights, guidance, and support for my personal learning. I am eager to have the opportunity to work with Hazel again!”

Execuitve Development Director

“Hazel has been super supportive and insightful throughout our Post-COVID coaching sessions. Hazel has enabled me to unravel past and present issues, making sense of often difficult and traumatic feelings whilst navigating and exploring new avenues to personal and professional fulfilment. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Hazel; I learnt a lot about myself and Courageous Leadership. I wholeheartedly recommend this programme.”

Strategy Officer
NHS Trust

“Hazel develops discussions in an easy manner, exploring challenges and allowing a natural but close examination of issues. Without hesitation, I recommend Hazel as an excellent Leadership Coach.”

General Manager

“Hazel coached me throughout the last year and what an amazing journey it was! Hazel’s approach is totally tailored, she is able to immediately adapt to any situation, mood, and help you to identify the real issues at stake, or to identify that there are no issues! I started this journey searching and ended it by finding what I was looking for. I am very grateful.”

Senior Managing Director
FTI Consulting

“For our “Future of IT” programme, we needed a custom fit, practical training with sustainable effect for our employees. With Hazel & Cathy  we got that: co-create, co-design a program that combines our views with the expertise of Courage2Lead. The results are there: a collaborative approach to development and high scores on all aspects of the program. Most importantly, the program had stickiness & robustness, evidenced by behaviours right after it.”

Chief Information Officer

“Hazel is an excellent coach, facilitator and mentor for teams. I unreservedly endorse her. Her level of confidentiality and personal investment in team success are in my experience uniquely rare.”

Medical Director
Roche Pharmaceuticals

“Courage2Lead has been coaching the Emmi UK leadership team to help embed our company values, proving that with the right coaching, tools and team approach, we can work very well together and achieve things we thought impossible. That’s courage!”

Managing Director

“Courage2Lead has been instrumental at up-grading our internal leadership development program offer and has worked very well with our internal team. Hazel animates one of our courses and is perceived as a superb animator and challenger.”

EVP & Chief Talent Officer

“Courage2Lead has been fantastic in identifying areas to work on, getting us all together as a team and enabling us to define a clear vision and the tools to get there.”

Head of Medical Excellence & Quality
 Roche Pharmaceuticals

“Hazel quickly identified the best way of getting the best out of me, she was exceptionally supportive but challenging to help me to really understand my behaviours and learned responses. Her style is interactive which enables you to be immersed in the learning and own the output. My time with her has helped me personally as well as professionally. She is amazing for one to one time or if you need help developing a team. I honestly couldn’t recommend her enough”

Director of Procurement
BAE Systems