There is something I love about travelling through time zones; a kind of suspension of time, of the deadlines and the “must-dos”. Like someone has granted me a few extra hours of life. Only works one way of course, but in either direction the world seems to stop, readjust, and then continue on a new path. And we have this great opportunity to adapt and remodel our thoughts, before we bow down again to the Master of Time

So what do we do with this magical moment when time pauses?

How very few of us take time to reflect and be. Even as I sit and stare out of the window, there grows a  pressure to capture each and every thought, to be "sure not to waste time". And yet the very thought destroys the opportunity to take time to be...

to be aware of how I am feeling and to explore what I need
to be aware of the tensions in my body and mind and to let them go
to take a look at my world from this “outer space”
to appreciate all that is good now
to recommit to the changes I still want to make

The journey of life is but a journey in time. Stillness and reflection are in short supply in this busy world.  Next time you travel, let the space between time reconnect you with what matters most.