Embarking on a Leadership Journey requires us to consider, address and balance many varied and complex demands, all the while engaging others to reach a yet-to-be realised vision.

To maximise our leadership impact, we need to step back from the path from time to time; to learn from the past; to anticipate the future; to adapt to change; to develop strategies for the new challenges we face going forward. Meeting and sharing learning with others travelling a similar path can both encourage and enrich us

Welcome to The Taverna Club™ – an opportunity to join a select group of fellow travellers in a series of Taverna workshops to invest in your Leadership Impact

  • Meet 3 times for 2 day workshops with a confidential and supportive group of peer leaders to explore the underlying principles of leadership.

  • Build your leadership impact through growing energy, influence and courage for yourself and for those you lead.

  • Discover a safe and inspirational space to reflect and share insights on the leader you are being today and the leader you will become.

  • Bring your real experiences and challenges to learn together and to co-create leadership strategies that will make a difference in your world.

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